During the Summer

  • If you have not yet passed an audition with the voice faculty, call (205) 348-7110 and ask Ms. Woodard or Ms. Hicks to help you schedule an audition before the semester begins. You cannot pass “Go” or collect $200 until you have completed this step.
  • Pay your fees by the deadline on your bill, or your schedule will be deleted and you will have to start over the day before classes begin, which is a very unpleasant thing to do.
  • During summer orientation, you can arrange to have your textbooks selected and gathered for you at the University Supply Store (SUPe Store). This will save you some trouble. If you didn’t make these arrangements, you will probably find yourself visiting the bookstores (note the plural) in the days before class to purchase your textbooks. This can be an incredible drain on your time and patience.
  • As soon as you get your Crimson email address, send an email to your voice teacher so that you may begin to receive important messages via email. Check your Crimson email at least daily. If you prefer to use another email address, you may have your Crimson account automatically forwarded.

Before the first day of classes

  • If you have problems with your class schedule, you may make changes in it by seeing Ms. Hicks in room 175. When in doubt, however, talk to your adviser before making any changes.
  • If you did not arrange to have your textbooks waiting for you at the SUPe Store, you now have to track down your textbooks. With your schedule in hand, making special note of both the course number and the section number for each of your classes, visit the bookstores each in turn until you have located all of your required texts. The local bookstores are the SUPe Store in the Ferguson Center and Tutwiler Hall, the Alabama Bookstore on the Strip and Bryant Drive, and the College Store on Bryant Drive. You may need to visit several (or all) stores to get all of the books you need, so allow plenty of time and take a bottle of water for the trek.
  • Be sure to get a very good calendar that you can carry everywhere and in which you will keep all your appointments and assignments. There will be far too many things to remember in your head.
  • Attend Bama Blast and other welcome festivities.
  • Come by the Moody Music Building and find your voice teacher’s studio. Check your teacher’s bulletin board for announcements or instructions. Find the main office (room 175); when leaving the main office, look down the hall to your right and locate the second larger bulletin board on the wall opposite the main office. This is the voice bulletin board, where items of interest and importance to voice students are posted regularly. While you are in the music building, find the studios for your other applied teacher and the classrooms for your classes (if applicable).
  • Before classes begin, walk around campus and locate the buildings and rooms where your non-music classes will meet. Some find this more pleasant in the early evening, once the heat of the day has abated.

First Days of the Semester

  • Begin attending all your classes on the first day. Do not miss the first meeting of any course!
  • Scheduling of applied lessons generally takes place at 3:00 p.m. on the first day of classes. Take your calendar and class schedule with you when you sign up for lesson times. Go first to your principal applied teacher, then once that lesson has been satisfactorily scheduled, proceed immediately to your secondary applied teacher.
  • Voice repertory class (“rep class”) is held on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. Attendance is mandatory for all voice majors and principals, and is recommended for all other voice students.
  • On the first Friday of the semester, attend the School of Music Convocation at noon in the concert hall. Convocation is a regular event and should appear on your schedule as MUS 010. Remember that you must accrue a certain number of “convo credits” (which are earned by attending convocations, recitals, concerts, and other School of Music events) each semester as part of your graduation requirements.
  • Take comfort in the fact that by Labor Day, at the latest, all problems will have been solved and you will be on your way to a happy year. Even better, after this first semester, everything gets easier!